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The Legal Studies faculty and students grapple with important questions of social policy within the framework of significant concerns in jurisprudence and theories of justice. These concerns include individual liberty, privacy, and autonomy; political and social equality; the just distribution of resources and opportunities within society; the relationship between citizens and the state; democratic participation and representation; the moral commitments of the community; and the preservation of human dignity.

The program's course offerings examine law and legality from both humanist and empirical perspectives. Courses are organized into interdisciplinary topical areas or “neighborhoods” that transcend disciplinary boundaries in the interest of collaborative inquiry.

Undergraduate Program

Legal Studies: BA (offered through the College of Letters and Science, although the program is under the academic supervision of the School of Law faculty)

Graduate Program

Jurisprudence and Social Policy: PhD (offered through the School of Law)

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Legal Studies

Faculty and Instructors

+ Indicates this faculty member is the recipient of the Distinguished Teaching Award.


Kathryn R. Abrams, Professor. Law, feminist jurisprudence, voting rights, constitutional law.
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Catherine R. Albiston, Professor. Inequality, social change, law, employment, legal profession, public interest law, gender discrimination.
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Kenneth A. Bamberger, Professor.

+ Robert Berring, Professor. China, law, contracts, Chinese law.
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Robert D. Cooter, Professor. Economic development, constitutional law, private law.
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Meir Dan-Cohen, Professor. Criminal law, legal philosophy, moral philosophy, organizations, bureaucracy.
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Lauren Edelman, Professor. Work organizations, legal environments, civil rights laws, workers' rights.
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Malcolm M. Feeley, Professor. Criminal law, punishment, social policy.
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Kinch Hoekstra, Associate Professor. History of political, moral, and legal philosophy, ancient, renaissance, and early modern political thought.

Christopher Kutz, Professor. Criminal law, moral, legal and political philosophy.
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Taeku Lee, Professor. Political science, discrimination, language, social movements, political behavior, identity, racial and ethnic politics, public opinion, survey research methods, social welfare policies, partisanship, stereotypes.
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David Lieberman, Professor. Legal history, legal theory, comparative legal theory.
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Kristin Luker, Professor. Social policy, jurisprudence.
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Laurent Mayali, Professor. European legal history, comparative law, medieval jurisprudence, customary law.
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Justin Mccrary, Professor. Statistics, law and economics, labor economics, business law.
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Calvin Morrill, Professor. Sociology of law/social conflict, organizations, ethnography, social networks, social movements youth culture and conflict, urban schools, rights mobilization.
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Dylan Penningroth, Professor.

Victoria Plaut, Professor.

Kevin Quinn, Professor.

Jonathan S. Simon, Professor. Punishment, social policy, risk, mass incarceration, reentry.
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Sarah Song, Professor. Gender, race, citizenship, multiculturalism, immigration law and politics.
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Rachel Stern, Assistant Professor.

Eric Stover, Adjunct Professor. Human rights, war, International Criminal Law, Forensic Sciences, International Criminal Justice.
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Eric L. Talley, Professor. Economic analysis of law, corporate law, securities regulation, law and financial markets.
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Christopher Lawrence Tomlins, Professor.

Leti Volpp, Professor. Citizenship, law and culture, identity (especially race and gender), immigration and migration, Asian American studies.
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John Yoo, Professor. Constitutional law, international law, foreign affairs.
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Franklin E. Zimring, Professor. Deterrence, capital punishment, imprisonment, drug control.
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Jonathan Marshall, Lecturer.

Richard Perry, Lecturer in Residence.

Ben Brown, Lecturer.

Emily Bruce, Lecturer.

Rosann Greenspan, Lecturer.

Joan Hollinger, Lecturer.

Alexa Koenig, Lecturer.

Charles McClain, Lecturer.

Jamie O'Connell, Lecturer.

Alan Pomerantz, Lecturer.

James B. Rule, Lecturer.

Emeritus Faculty

Daniel L. Rubinfeld, Professor Emeritus. Antitrust, economic analysis of law, federalism.
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Harry N. Scheiber, Professor Emeritus. American legal history, ocean law and policy, Law of the Sea (international law), federalism and state-federal relations, American constitutional development.
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Barbara Shapiro, Professor Emeritus. Rhetoric, political and legal thought 1500-1700, intellectual and cultural history, 1500-1700, early modern legal and political discourse, science and society, Tudor and Stuart England.
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Martin M. Shapiro, Professor Emeritus. Constitutional law, comparative law, European law.
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Legal Studies Program

2240 Piedmont Avenue

Phone: 510-643-5823

Fax: 510-642-2951

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Program Chair

Calvin Morrill, PhD (School of Law, Department of Sociology)

206 JSP, 2240 Piedmont Ave.

Phone: 510-643-9988


Jonathan Marshall, PhD

114 JSP, 2240 Piedmont Ave.

Phone: 510-642-3670

Student Academic Adviser

Lauri La Pointe

2240 Piedmont Ave.

Phone: 510-643-5823

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