Political Economy

University of California, Berkeley


The Political Economy program examines the relationship between politics and economics in modern societies, focusing on problems of both domestic and international policy. The curriculum is both multi- and interdisciplinary and is based on the assumption that political-economic relationships are affected by society, culture, geography, and demographics.

Political Economy is administered by the International & Area Studies Academic Program (IAS).

Undergraduate Programs

Political Economy: BA, Minor

Graduate Program

There is no graduate program in Political Economy.

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Political Economy

Faculty and Instructors

+ Indicates this faculty member is the recipient of the Distinguished Teaching Award.


+ Maximilian Auffhammer, Professor. Climate change, econometrics, air pollution, environmental economics, energy economics.
Research Profile

Stephanie Ballenger, Lecturer.
Research Profile

David Beecher, Lecturer.
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Beverly Kay Crawford, Professor Emeritus. International and Area Studies, Political Economy Group Major.

J. Bradford Delong, Professor. Economics, globalization, economic growth, convergence, economics of post WWII Europe.
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+ Khalid Kadir, Lecturer. Global Poverty & Practice Minor, International & Area Studies.
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Alan Karras, Associate Director and Senior Lecturer. International and Area Studies, Political Economy.
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Lanchih Po, Associate Adjunct Professor.
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Daniel Sargent, Associate Professor. American history, International History, Contemporary History.
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Clare Talwalker, Lecturer. Global Studies, Global Poverty and Practice, Political Economy, South Asia.
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Contact Information

International and Area Studies Academic Program

101 Stephens Hall

Phone: 510-642-4466

Fax: 510-642-9850


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Professor, Political Science, Chair, Political Economy

Steven Vogel

768 Barrows Hall


Associate Director

Alan Karras

123 Stephens Hall

Phone: 510-643-3185


Lead Academic Adviser

Ethan Savage

101 Stephens Hall

Phone: 510-643-4156


Undergraduate Academic Adviser

Nithya Raghunathan

101 Stephens Hall

Phone: 510-643-7282


Undergraduate Academic Adviser, Graduate Student Affairs Officer

Dreux Montgomery

101 Stephens Hall

Phone: 510-643-4157


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