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Global Studies provides an interdisciplinary approach to the study of international and global issues.  At a historical moment of unprecedented interconnectedness, the Global Studies major trains students in the knowledge and skills that are fundamental components of global citizenship and practice. The Global Studies major has strategically adopted an interdisciplinary approach to such training with the belief that no single discipline can prepare students in the depth and breadth necessary for a complex and reflexive understanding of world history and contemporary globalization. Accordingly, the Global Studies program offers students the opportunity to specialize in a specific aspect of the "Global," with concentrations in either Global Development, Global Peace and Conflict, or Global Societies and Cultures. Then, the Global Studies major incorporates courses offered through many other departments, offering students a rigorous but flexible curriculum which recognizes that learning takes place both inside and outside the classroom.

Undergraduate Programs

Political Economy: BA, Minor

Global Poverty and Practice: Minor

Graduate Programs

Asian Studies: MA, PhD

Global Studies: MA

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Global Studies

Faculty and Instructors

* Indicates this faculty member is the recipient of the Distinguished Teaching Award.


* Maximilian Auffhammer, Professor. Climate change, econometrics, air pollution, environmental economics, energy economics.
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Margaret Chowning, Professor. Mexico, history, gender, women, Latin America.
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Emily Gottreich, Adjunct Professor. Middle Eastern Studies, Islamic Urban Studies, Jewish history, Morocco, North Africa, Sephardic Studies.
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Alan Karras, Associate Director, Interdisciplinary Social Science Programs and Senior Lecturer. International and Area Studies, Political Economy.
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Erin Murphy-Graham, Associate Adjunct Professor. Educational equity, cultural studies, gender equity, diversity, international education, alternative schooling, democratic education, ethnic issues.
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Alison Post, Assistant Professor. Regulation, infrastructure, water and sanitation.
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Khatharya Um, Associate Professor. Education, memory, Southeast Asian Studies, Asian American histories and communities, Southeast Asian diaspora, refugees, international migration, transnational and diaspora studies, genocide studies.
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Steven Vogel, Professor. Political science, political economy or comparative political economy, the Japanese model of capitalism, Japanese politics.
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Stephanie Ballenger, Lecturer. International and Area Studies, political economy, Latin American studies.

Peter Bartu, Lecturer. International and Area Studies, Peace and Conflict Studies, Middle Eastern Studies.

David Beecher, Lecturer. International and Area Studies, Political Economy.

Karenjot Bhangoo Randhawa, Lecturer. International and Area Studies, Peace and Conflict Studies.

Crystal Chang, Lecturer. International and area studies, Asian Studies, Political science.

* Khalid Kadir, Lecturer. Global Poverty and Practice Minor, International and Area Studies, Political Economy .

Mario Muzzi, Lecturer. International and Area Studies.

Clara I. Nicholls, Lecturer. International and Area Studies, Latin American Studies.

Tiffany L. Page, Lecturer. International and Area Studies, Latin American Studies.

Lanchih Po, Associate Adjunct Professor. International and Area Studies, East Asian Languages and Cultures.

Noam Schimmel, Lecturer. Interdisciplinary Social Science Programs, Global Studies.

Clare Talwalker, Lecturer. Global Studies, Global Poverty and Practice, Political Economy, South Asia.

Keiko Yamanaka, Lecturer. Ethnic studies, Asian studies.

Darren C. Zook, Lecturer. International and Area Studies, Political Science.

Emeritus Faculty

Gillian Hart, Professor Emeritus. Geography Political economy, social theory, critical development, studies, gender, agrarian and regional studies, labor, Southern Africa, Southeast Asia.

* Michael J. Watts, Professor Emeritus. Islam, development, Africa, social movements, political economy, political ecology, geography, South Asia, peasant societies, social and and cultural theory, US agriculture, Marxian political economy.
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Global Studies

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Global Studies Chair

You-tien Hsing

545 McCone Hall

Undergraduate Academic Adviser, Graduate Student Affairs Officer

Dreux Montgomery

101 Stephens Hall

Undergraduate Academic Adviser

Nithya Raghunathan

101 Stephens Hall

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