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The mission of the Berkeley Public Health is to develop and apply knowledge from multiple disciplines for the promotion and protection of the health of the human population, giving due consideration to principles of human rights and cultural perspectives that abound in this multicultural country and world. The school carries out this mission with programs of teaching, research, and service. These programs, grounded in an understanding of the theory and mechanisms of the basic sciences, are integrated through a focus on communities that reach from the neighborhoods surrounding the campus to international settings.

Promotion and protection of the health of human populations require a scientific understanding of epidemiology; biostatistics; and the biological, physical, environmental, social, behavioral, informational, administrative, and policy sciences. In Berkeley Public Health, these and other disciplines focus on health problems of particular populations, selected diseases or disabilities, and issues associated with the application of resources to public health systems. Faculty, support resources, and curricula focus on both the fundamental disciplines and their applications to particular problems. Within the University and the wider community, faculty strive to advance the understanding of the fundamental disciplines, apply them to problems faced by human populations, and provide the interdisciplinary context in which future public health practitioners and scholars may develop needed skills and capacities.

The program of study leading to the professional MPH degree is based on a series of foundation courses. In addition, MPH students concentrate in one of the following areas: Environmental Health Sciences; Epidemiology; Epidemiology/Biostatistics; Global Health and Environment; Health and Social Behavior; Health Policy and Management; Infectious Diseases and Vaccinology; Interdisciplinary; Maternal and Child Health; and Public Health Nutrition. The Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) curriculum is based on a comprehensive body of knowledge in the field of public health and its related disciplines and the investigation of significant problems in the public health practice. The School of Public Health also offers academic degrees in Biostatistics (MA, PhD), Environmental Health Sciences (MS, PhD), Epidemiology (MS, PhD), Health and Medical Sciences (MS), Health Policy (PhD), and Infectious Diseases & Immunity (PhD).

Undergraduate Program

Public Health: BA (offered under the jurisdiction of the College of Letters and Science), Global Public Health Summer Minor/Certificate

Graduate Programs

Public Health: MPH (Master of Public Health), DrPH (Doctor of Public Health), MA (Biostatistics), MS (Environmental Health Sciences, Epidemiology, Health and Medical Sciences), PhD (Biostatistics, Environmental Health Sciences, Epidemiology, Health Policy, Infectious Diseases & Immunity)

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Public Health

Contact Information

Berkeley Public Health

2210 Berkeley Way West

Phone: 510-643-0881

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School Dean

Michael C. Lu, MD, MS, MPH

Assistant Dean for Students

Quin Hussey, MPH

5212 Berkeley Way West

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