Satisfying International Studies Breadth with a Foreign Language Course

Satisfying International Studies Breadth with a Foreign Language Course 

Completion of second semester or higher of foreign language instruction satisfies the International Studies Breadth. Please see this list of approved foreign language instruction courses

The International Studies Breadth requirement can also be satisfied by the completion of a pre-approved breadth course that is taught in a language other than English and requires an advanced language instruction course as a prerequisite. This course cannot count toward more than one breadth requirement.

Satisfying International Studies Breadth through Foreign Language with Transfer Work

  • Students admitted with IGETC Certification or UC Reciprocity have satisfied the International Studies breadth. No additional coursework is required.

  • Students can complete a pre-approved foreign language course at a California Community College. Pre-approved courses can be found on ASSIST

  • Successful completion of transferable courses from other higher education institutions (i.e., 2-year or 4-year campus in the U.S. or non-UCEAP courses from abroad) may also be considered. Course descriptions and syllabi will be required to make a determination. 

All transfer courses must be completed with a grade of C- or better, or the equivalent of a Passed grade on the host campus, in order to be considered for Breadth.  To be eligible for consideration, the minimum unit requirement for a course offered from a campus on the semester system is 3.0 units, and for courses offered from campuses on the quarter system, 4.0 units.

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