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Established July 1, 2023, the College of Computing, Data Science, and Society (CDSS) is the first new college at Berkeley in over 50 years. The College was created to meet the demands and opportunities at a time when data touches nearly every aspect of our lives. Innovations in computing and statistics are converging to create unprecedented opportunities to use data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to tackle pressing societal challenges from human health to climate change. 

CDSS offers outstanding undergraduate programs in Computer Science, Data Science, and Statistics. Over 1,500 students graduated with a degree in these majors in Spring 2023, and one in four held a second major in another discipline. CDSS undergraduates study with faculty from a wide range of fields, where they gain the knowledge, skills, and experiences needed to succeed in today’s datafied world, interact with data ethically, and masterfully engage as informed leaders.

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UC and Campus Requirements

University of California Requirements

Entry Level Writing

All students who will enter the University of California as freshmen must demonstrate their command of the English language by satisfying the Entry Level Writing Requirement (ELWR). The UC Entry Level Writing Requirement website provides information on how to satisfy the requirement.

American History and American Institutions

The American History and Institutions (AH&I) requirements are based on the principle that a US resident graduated from an American university should have an understanding of the history and governmental institutions of the United States.

Campus Requirement

American Cultures

The American Cultures requirement is a Berkeley campus requirement, one that all undergraduate students at Berkeley need to pass in order to graduate. You satisfy the requirement by passing, with a grade not lower than C- or P, an American Cultures course. You may take an American Cultures course any time during your undergraduate career at Berkeley. The requirement was instituted in 1991 to introduce students to the diverse cultures of the United States through a comparative framework. Courses are offered in more than fifty departments in many different disciplines at both the lower and upper division level.


College Requirements

As undergraduate major programs in computer science, data science, and statistics transition from the College of Letters & Science (L&S) to CDSS, students who are graduating in the academic year 2023-2024 must continue to meet the L&S requirements, including the breadth and essential skills requirements. Beginning in Summer 2024, students who were admitted to Berkeley in Spring 2024 or earlier have the option of completing their CDSS degrees by meeting the L&S requirements or the CDSS requirements. Students admitted to Berkeley in Fall 2024 and later must meet the CDSS requirements. 

For more information about CDSS requirements, visit student resources and information on the College of Computing, Data Science, and Society website.


The College of Computing, Data Science, and Society (CDSS) seeks students who are excited to engage in a wide range of intellectual inquiry. As a leader with computer science, data science, and statistics expertise, you will be engaging with the world’s most pressing problems, and our top-ranked programs will provide you with the training you need to make a difference. Our globally renowned graduate and undergraduate programs attract students to study with faculty who are making groundbreaking discoveries. We provide a solid foundation in math, a rich curriculum offering real-world projects, research opportunities, and career support services.

For detailed information on how to apply, prospective undergraduates should go to the Berkeley admissions website; prospective graduate students should visit the graduate admissions website.


CDSS Student Services provide a wide array of programmatic and advising services to undergraduate students. Whether students want to get expert advice on the right classes to take, find an inspiring research position, prepare for a career, take advantage of free tutoring, or start a student club, CDSS student services help them achieve their goals.


College Advisers can help students understand college requirements and academic policies and procedures. CDSS College Advisers can support students in navigating unexpected hurdles and enhancing their undergraduate experience to get the most out of their time at Berkeley.


Academic departments have major advisers who support students in planning major coursework and learning about departmental opportunities. Major advisors connect students to programs, facilities, courses, clubs, and research opportunities and help them create a meaningful educational experience in their major department.  

The best place to find advising information for a major is through the major’s department website, which you can find in this Academic Guide under Degree Programs: Majors and Minors.

Academic Opportunities

The College of Computing, Data Science, and Society offers undergraduate research opportunities, career services, peer tutoring, and scholars and honors programs through department and college programs. Visit the CDSS website for more information. 


CDSS offers research experiences to hundreds of students each year, where they receive mentorship from professors, postdocs, and graduate students that complement what they learn in the classroom. 


CDSS provides career services, including workshops, job-search teams, and seminars to students looking for a first internship or job. CDSS is committed to helping students navigate this process successfully and to supporting students in achieving their career goals. 


CDSS Scholars Programs provide spaces where students from many disciplines and backgrounds learn together, develop their skills, and co-create a diverse community. Students receive mentorship, support in introductory classes, and guidance to advance in the field through academic support, research opportunities, professional development, and community with other scholars. 


CDSS offers opportunities for students to solidify their knowledge and strengthen their communication skills by helping their peers learn. CDSS appoints undergraduate students to support its instructional programs in Computer Science, Data Science, and Statistics. Students can be academic interns, tutors, and undergraduate student instructors, helping to create a supportive classroom experience and learning environment.


Undergraduate students in CDSS can carry out a year-long independent research project under the guidance of a faculty mentor. Students who successfully complete the Honors Program will receive a notation of honors in their major.


CDSS encourages students to add an international dimension to their education by participating in a study abroad program. Study abroad provides an opportunity to expand academic and cultural experiences while staying on track to complete major requirements. With proper academic planning, students can have the experience of a lifetime while completing their degrees.

There are over 100 different program options in more than 40 different countries offered by the UC Education Abroad Program. Students may be able to include some of the courses abroad towards their college or major requirements. 


Contact Information

College of Computing, Data Science, and Society

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