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The Department of Gender and Women's Studies offers interdisciplinary perspectives on the formation of gender and its intersections with other relations of power, such as sexuality, race, class, nationality, religion, and age. Questions are addressed within the context of a transnational world and from perspectives as diverse as history, sociology, literary and cultural studies, postcolonial theory, science, new technology, and art.

The department offers an undergraduate major and minor. It also houses an undergraduate minor in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Studies, a program whose courses overlap productively with feminist and gender studies. Faculty in the department collaborate with an extensive group of affiliated faculty in Women, Gender and Sexuality, which provides graduate students across campus with a site for transdisciplinary learning and teaching. The department is now in the process of developing a PhD program. The department fosters connections with scholars in feminist and sexuality studies throughout the campus by cross-listing courses, collaborating in research, and participating in the Gender Consortium, which links research and teaching units that focus on gender.

Community-Engaged Scholarship

The Gender and Women's Studies Department promotes engaged scholarship through our unique internship courses. Students commit to working with a community-based organization for a minimum of three hours a week for the semester. The hope and challenge of these courses is to go beyond standard educational models in which learning is bound by the classroom and confined to the University. This effort to bridge the gap between the University — as a place of study — and community organizations — as agents of action, grows from the urgent need for opportunities to engage in a coordinated exploration where theory and action inform each other.


The Beatrice Bain Research Group (BBRG) is Berkeley’s critical feminist research center, and is the keystone research program within the Department of Gender and Women’s Studies. Each year BBRG hosts approximately 25 visiting scholars from around the globe whose research is centrally on women and gender. In addition, BBRG organizes public scholarly panels on cutting-edge topics in the field of gender studies. Established in 1986 to support and coordinate feminist scholarship across disciplines, the BBRG fosters research on gender and women, and is particularly interested in enabling research on gender in its intersections with sexuality, race, class, nation, religion, postcoloniality, and transnational feminisms.

The Gender Consortium is intended to bring together several campus units dedicated to issues surrounding gender and sexuality. The goal of the Gender Consortium is to provide an infrastructure for coordinating public events, fundraising, applying for external grants, and enhancing undergraduate and graduate education.

Undergraduate Programs

Gender and Women's Studies: BA, Minor
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Studies: Minor

Graduate Program

The department does not currently offer a graduate program. A Designated Emphasis (DE) in Women, Gender, and Sexuality is offered by the Graduate Group in Women, Gender, and Sexuality.

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Gender and Women's Studies

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies

Faculty and Instructors


Paola Bacchetta, Professor. Ethnicity, postcolonial theory, transnational feminist and queer of color theories, theories of the inseparability of gender, theories of the inseparability of sexuality, theories of the inseparability of, theories of the inseparability of class, theories of the inseparability of nation, theories of the inseparability of religion, global political and religious conflict (especially Hindu nationalism and racializations of Muslims and Islam), theories of resistance and transgression, right-wing movements, geographic areas of specialization outside the U S- India and France.
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Mel Y. Chen, Associate Professor. Queer and feminist theory, Disability theory, Critical animal studies, Materiality studies, Cultural politics of race, sexuality, ability, and immigration, Critical linguistics, Paradigms of inter- and transdisciplinarity.
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Minoo Moallem, Professor. Transnational and Postcolonial Feminist Studies, cultural studies, Visual and Material Cultures of Religion, Immigration and Diaspora Studies, Middle East Studies, and Iranian Studies.
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Courtney Desiree Morris, Assistant Professor. Black women’s social movements; state violence and authoritarianism; racial formations in Latin America, the Caribbean and the US; Critical race theory; Feminist and queer theory; environmental ethics; black visual culture and aesthetics.
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Laura C. Nelson, Associate Professor. Gender, medicine, and politics, Cultural, political, and experiential aspects of breast cancer in South Korea, How, why, and to what effect constructions of gender, class, and race are mobilized and manipulated in South Korea, Structures of cultural temporality (future, present, or past orientation) and anti-poverty policies (US and South Korea).
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Leslie Salzinger, Associate Professor. Political economy, feminist theory, finance, sociology of gender, Gender and Work, gendering of transnational processes.
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Eric Stanley, Assistant Professor. Critical prison studies; Queer/trans social movements; Anti-colonial feminism.
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Barbara A. Barnes, Lecturer.

Emeritus Faculty

Evelyn Nakano Glenn, Professor Emeritus. Labor, citizenship, undocumented students, caring work, settler colonialism, skin color bias.
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Barrie Thorne, Professor Emeritus. Feminist theory, gender theory, ethnography, qualitative methods, sociology, women, sociology of gender, sociology of age relations.
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Irene Tinker, Professor Emeritus. International development and women, Electoral quotas in legislatures for women.

Minh-Ha Trinh, Professor Emeritus. Gender and sexuality, womens studies, rhetoric, feminist postcolonial theory, film theory and production, music composition, ethnomusicology, contemporary critical theory and the arts.
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Department of Gender and Women's Studies

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Department Chair

Leslie Salzinger, PhD

616 Social Sciences Building

Vice Chair for Research

Courtney Morris, PhD

622 Social Sciences Building

Vice Chair for Pedagogy

Eric Stanley, PhD

620 Social Sciences Building

Student Services Adviser

Althea Grannum-Cummings

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Department Manager

Sandra Richmond

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