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The mission of the Department of City and Regional Planning is to improve equity, the economy and the environment in neighborhoods, communities, cities, and metropolitan regions by creating knowledge and engagement through our teaching, research, and service. We aim to design and create cities, infrastructure, and public services that are sustainable, affordable, enjoyable, and accessible to all.

Wisely and successfully intervening in the public realm, whether locally, nationally, or globally, is a challenge. Our urban future is complex and rapidly changing. Resource scarcity and conflict, technological innovation, retrofitting of existing built environments, and social empowerment will alter the ways in which planning has conventionally been carried out. We believe the planning academy has a special responsibility to always address social justice, equity, and ethics; to teach and research means of public participation, collective decision making, and advocacy; and to focus on reforming institutions, urban governance, policy, and planning practices to make these goals possible.

Our undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as faculty research and community service activities, address social justice, equity, and ethics; innovative means of public participation, collective decision making, and advocacy; and ways to reform institutions, urban governance, policy, and planning practices. Faculty research harnesses the latest methods and data, ranging from ethnography to sophisticated 3-D simulations and visualization. Faculty expertise is diverse and includes sustainable transportation and land use, economic development, urban health and social policy, environmental assessment and sustainability, global urbanization and poverty, and urban design for livable places.

Lecture Series

The Department of City and Regional Planning sponsors lecture series, which offers students the opportunity to hear internationally acclaimed speakers. These speakers often also participate in classes and seminars as part of their visit to campus. For a schedule of speakers and events in this lecture series, see the College of Environmental Design website.

Undergraduate Programs

Urban Studies: BA
City Planning: Minor
Geospatial Information Science and Technology:  Minor (offered in conjunction with the College of Natural Resources)

Graduate Programs

City and Regional Planning: Master of City Planning (MCP), and PhD in City Planning

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City and Regional Planning

Faculty and Instructors

+ Indicates this faculty member is the recipient of the Distinguished Teaching Award.


Charisma Acey, Assistant Professor. Water, sanitation, basic services delivery, poverty alleviation, environmental sustainability, environmental justice, urban governance, participatory planning, community-based development, international development, development planning, sustainable development, African studies.
Research Profile

Teresa Caldeira, Professor. Comparative urban studies, urbanization in the global south, social theory, ethnography qualitative methodology.
Research Profile

Karen Chapple, Professor. Poverty, economic development, regional planning, metropolitan spatial patterns, labor markets, community development, neighborhood change, gentrification.
Research Profile

Daniel Chatman, Associate Professor. Transportation, urban planning, travel behavior, immigration, housing, agglomeration.
Research Profile

Stephen J. Collier, Professor. Social welfare transformation, infrastructure, neoliberalism and governmental rationality, emergency government in the United States, urban vulnerability and resilience, insurance and climate change .
Research Profile

Jason Corburn, Professor. Urban health, informal settlements, global public health, urban climate change, environmental impact assessment, mediation, environmental justice.
Research Profile

Karen T. Frick, Associate Professor. Transportation policy and planning, major infrasctructure projects, American politics and conservative views about planning.
Research Profile

Carol J. Galante, Adjunct Professor.

Marta Gonzalez, Associate Professor. Data Science, computer modeling.
Research Profile

Elizabeth S. Macdonald, Professor. Urban design.
Research Profile

Amy Pickering, Assistant Professor. Epidemiology, microbiology, transmission of pathogens, and novel water, sanitation and hygiene technologies.
Research Profile

John Radke, Associate Professor. City and regional planning, landscape architecture and environmental planning, geographic information systems, database design and construction, spatial analysis, pattern recognition computational morphology.
Research Profile

Carolina K. Reid, Associate Professor. Affordable housing, access to credit, foreclosures, community development, the Community Reinvestment Act, poverty, neighborhood change, homeownership and mortgage finance (with a focus on low-income and minority households).
Research Profile

Daniel Rodriguez, Professor. Public transportation, urban sustainability, urban health, environment and health impacts of traveler behaviors Transportation, land development, and their health and environmental impacts .
Research Profile

Paul Waddell, Professor. UrbanSim, land use models, transportation models, urban sustainability.
Research Profile

Jennifer Wolch, Professor. Sustainable urbanism, urban design and public health, poverty and homelessness, human-animal studies.
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Sara Hinkley, Lecturer.

Kimberly Suczynski Smith, Lecturer.

Emeritus Faculty

Edward J. Blakely, Professor Emeritus.

Peter C. Bosselmann, Professor Emeritus. Urban design, architecture, city and regional planning, landscape architecture.
Research Profile

Manuel Castells, Professor Emeritus.

Robert B. Cervero, Professor Emeritus. Transportation planning, city and regional planning, transportation and land use, transportation and urban development, international transportation.
Research Profile

Karen Christensen, Professor Emeritus. Evaluation, intergovernmental relations, city and regional planning, housing policy, planning theory, organizational theory.
Research Profile

Stephen Cohen, Professor Emeritus.

Frederick C. Collignon, Professor Emeritus. Urban economics, metropolitan planning, city and regional planning, urban recreational space, passive recreational parkland, urban redevelopment, public assistance, disability.
Research Profile

Elizabeth A. Deakin, Professor Emeritus. Urban design, city and regional planning, transportation policy, planning and analysis, land use policy and planning, legal and regulatory issues, institutions and organizations, energy and the environment, new technologies.
Research Profile

Michael James Dear, Professor Emeritus. Social theory, disability studies, urban theory, comparative urbanism.
Research Profile

David Dowall, Professor Emeritus. City and regional planning, urban and regional development, international comparative urban development policy, domestic and international land management, housing policy, economic development strategy, infrastructure planning, management and finance.
Research Profile

Judith E. Innes, Professor Emeritus. Innovation, governance, collaborative planning and policy making, regionalism, interpretive methods, complexity and adaptation.
Research Profile

Allan B. Jacobs, Professor Emeritus.

Raymond Lifchez, Professor Emeritus.

Michael Southworth, Professor Emeritus. Management, analysis, design, city and regional planning, landscape architecture, environmental planning, morphology of the post-industrial city, design of public space.
Research Profile

Michael Teitz, Professor Emeritus.

Irene Tinker, Professor Emeritus.

Martin Wachs, Professor Emeritus.

Contact Information

Department of City and Regional Planning

228 Wurster Hall

Phone: 510-642-3256

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Department Chair

Karen Chapple

228 Wurster Hall

Graduate Student Advisor, Doctoral Program

Clay Hall

Phone: 510-642-1602

Department Manager

Malla Hadley

228 Wurster Hall, MC 1850, Berkeley, CA 93720-1850

Phone: 510-642-3258

Fax: 510-642-1641

Graduate Advisor, MCP Program

Kathleen Pera

Phone: 510-643-9440

Undergraduate Major Head, Minor Program Faculty Advisor

Charisma Acey

Urban Studies Major Advisor, Program Advisor

Kristian Dawson

250 Wurster Hall

Director, Office of Undergraduate Advising

Omar Ramirez

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CED Career Services

Dinorah Meyer

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