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The Energy and Resources Group (ERG) is an interdisciplinary academic unit of UC Berkeley, conducting programs of graduate teaching and research that treat issues of energy, resources, development, human and biological diversity, environmental justice, governance, global climate change, and new approaches to thinking about economics and consumption. Established in 1973, ERG offers two-year MA and MS degrees in Energy and Resources, as well as a PhD and an undergraduate minor.

The faculty of ERG consists of eight professors of energy and resources plus 100 affiliated faculty members whose main appointments span all five colleges and four of the schools of the Berkeley campus, as well as the University's Lawrence Berkeley and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories. The chair is normally drawn on a rotating basis from the affiliated faculty.

There are approximately 60 graduate students enrolled in ERG degree programs; about half of them are doctoral candidates. The students come from a wide variety of backgrounds — engineering, natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities. The characteristics they have in common are an interest in interdisciplinary approaches to energy and resource issues and the intellectual credentials to succeed in a rigorous academic program. All receive training at ERG in the technological, environmental, economic, and sociopolitical dimensions of energy and resource issues while pursuing additional course work and individual research tailored to their interest and backgrounds.

ERG graduates are employed across the U.S. and around the world in universities, governmental and international agencies, legislative staff positions, national laboratories, public and private utilities, other energy and resource companies, consulting firms, and public-interest organizations.

Undergraduate Program

Energy and Resources: Minor

Sustainability: Summer Minor and Certificate

Graduate Programs

Energy and Resources: MA, MS, PhD, Concurrent ERG/Public Policy MA and MS

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Energy and Resources

Faculty and Instructors


David Anthoff, Assistant Professor. Environmental economics, climate policy, integrated assessment models.
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Duncan Callaway, Associate Professor. Modeling and control of aggregated storage devices, power management, and system analysis of energy technologies and their impact.
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John Harte, Professor of the Graduate School. Global change, ecology, sustainability, energy policy, theoretical ecology, biodiversity.
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Daniel M. Kammen, Professor. Public policy, nuclear engineering, energy, resources, risk analysis as applied to global warming, methodological studies of forecasting, hazard assessment, renewable energy technologies, environmental resource management.
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Catherine Koshland, Professor. Air pollution, metals, energy, resources, environmental human health, mechanistic analyses of combustion products in flow reactors, control strategies in urban airsheds, pollutant formation, chlorinated hydrocarbons, particulates, industrial ecology.
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Lara Kueppers, Associate Professor. Ecological responses and feedback to climate change, climate-ecosystem interactions in forests and agroecosystems, agriculture, climate change, ecology, forests, tropics.
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Isha Ray, Associate Professor. Water and development, Gender, water and sanitation, technology and development, social science research methods .
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Margaret S. Torn, Associate Adjunct Professor. Biodiversity, biogeochemistry, carbon cycle, climate change, ecology, ecosystem services .
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Emeritus Faculty

John P. Holdren, Professor Emeritus.

Richard B. Norgaard, Professor Emeritus.
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Contact Information

Energy and Resources Group

310 Barrows Hall #5900

Phone: 510-642-1640

Fax: 510-642-1085

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Group Chair

Daniel Kammen

310 Barrows Hall

Phone: 510-642-1139

Head Graduate Adviser

Isha Ray, PhD

Phone: 510-642-1640

Graduate Student Affairs Officer

Kay Burns

310 Barrows Hall

Phone: 510-642-8859

Faculty Minor Advisor

Lara Kueppers

Phone: 510-486-5813

Group Manager

Megan Amaral

310 Barrows Hall

Phone: 510-642-1760

Undergraduate Academic Advisor

Ryann Madden

Phone: 510-642-4249

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