Agricultural and Resource Economics

University of California, Berkeley


The Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics focuses on applied economic and policy questions in agriculture, biotechnology, environment, natural resources, international development, and trade. Graduate students, faculty, and other affiliates conduct research in the following fields: agricultural economics and agribusiness; agricultural resource policy and political economy; applied econometrics; development; energy, environmental, and resource economics; intellectual property rights/biotechnology; and international economics and trade policy.

Our faculty have received many awards for research and teaching, and serve on editorial boards of journals, foundations, and other research institutes. For further information, please see our faculty profiles.


The department hosts a weekly Departmental Seminar, as well as participating in other seminars on specialized topics. For information regarding these seminars, please click the links below:

Giannini Foundation

The Giannini Foundation of Agricultural Economics was founded in 1930 from a grant made by the Bancitaly Corporation to the University of California in tribute to its organizer and past president, Amadeo Peter Giannini of San Francisco. Members of the Giannini Foundation are University of California faculty and Cooperative Extension specialists in agricultural and resource economics on the Berkeley, Davis, and Riverside campuses. The broad mission of the Foundation is to promote and support research and outreach activities in agricultural economics and rural development relevant to California. For further information on the Foundation, please visit the website.

Undergraduate Program

Environmental Economics and Policy: BA (College of Letters and Science), BS (College of Natural Resources)

Graduate Program

Agricultural and Resource Economics: PhD

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Agricultural and Resource Economics

Faculty and Instructors

+ Indicates this faculty member is the recipient of the Distinguished Teaching Award.


Michael Anderson, Associate Professor. Health economics, environmental economics.
Research Profile

+ Maximilian Auffhammer, Professor. Climate change, econometrics, air pollution, environmental economics, energy economics.
Research Profile

Peter Berck, Professor. Environmental economics, agricultural and resource economics, natural resource economics, agricultural production.
Research Profile

Alain De Janvry, Professor. Economics, labor management and policy.
Research Profile

Alain De Janvry, Professor. Economics, labor management and policy.
Research Profile

Thibault Fally, Assistant Professor. International Trade and Investment, economic development, trade, development.
Research Profile

Meredith Fowlie, Associate Professor. Industrial organization, energy markets, energy efficiency, market-based environmental regulation, renewable energy resources.
Research Profile

+ J. Gilless, Professor. Environmental policy, resource economics, forestry, forest economics, wildland fire.
Research Profile

Larry S. Karp, Professor. Economics, environmental policy.
Research Profile

Ethan A. Ligon, Associate Professor. Economics, insurance, agricultural contracts, risk sharing, intra-household allocation.
Research Profile

Jeremy R. Magruder, Associate Professor. Employment, development economics, labor markets, social networks in developing countries.
Research Profile

Aprajit Mahajan, Associate Professor.

Edward A. Arens, Professor. Marketing, economics, labor, industrial organization, antitrust, econometrics, agricultural economics, trade.
Research Profile

Gordon Rausser, Professor. Biotechnology, environmental policy, resource economics, regulatory policy, bargaining and negotiation theory, futures and options markets, industrial organization and antitrust analysis.
Research Profile

David Roland Holst, Adjunct Professor.

Elisabeth Sadoulet, Professor. Economics, agriculture, labor management and policy.
Research Profile

James Michael Sallee, Assistant Professor. Energy, taxation, tax policy, climate, transportation, fuel economy.
Research Profile

Leo K. Simon, Adjunct Professor. Economics.
Research Profile

David Sunding, Professor. Water, environmental economics, economics of law, water quality, endangered species, wetlands.
Research Profile

Christian Traeger, Assistant Professor.

Sofia Berto Villas-Boas, Professor. Economics, industrial organization and applied econometrics.
Research Profile

Brian Wright, Professor. Innovation, economics, catastrophe insurance, intellectual property, agricultural policy, patents, commodity markets, storage, speculation.
Research Profile

David Zilberman, Professor. Marketing, biotechnology, water, risk management, biofuels, natural resources, agricultural and environmental policy, the economics of innovation.
Research Profile


Charles Gibbons, Lecturer.

Emeritus Faculty

Irma Adelman, Professor Emeritus.

Anthony Fisher, Professor Emeritus. Environmental and natural resource economics, economics of climate change.
Research Profile

Michael Hanemann, Professor Emeritus. Economics, labor management and policy.
Research Profile

George G. Judge, Professor Emeritus.

Sherman Robinson, Professor Emeritus.

Howard Rosenberg, Professor Emeritus.

Andrew Schmitz, Professor Emeritus.

L. Timothy Wallace, Professor Emeritus.

Contact Information

Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics

207 Giannini Hall, #3310

Phone: (510) 642-3345

Fax: 510-643-8911

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Department Chair

David L. Sunding, PhD

326 Giannini Hall

Phone: 510-642-8229

Head Undergraduate Adviser

Peter Berck, PhD

224 Giannini Hall

Phone: 510-642-7238

Student Affairs Officer

Carmen Karahalios

203 Giannini Hall

Phone: 510-642-3347

Undergraduate Staff Adviser

William Hughes

Phone: 510-643-5325

Department Manager

Janna Conway-Hamilton

207 Giannini Hall

Phone: 510-643-8319

Undergraduate Student Advising

Office of Instruction and Student Affairs, CNR

260 Mulford Hall

Phone: 510-642-0542

Fax: 510-643-3132

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