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Welcome to the History of Art Department at UC Berkeley. Ours is among the smallest of the top dozen art history programs in the country. We have roughly 16 faculty members, about 50 graduate students, and 100 or so undergraduate majors. Over the last 30 years, the National Research Council (NRC) has consistently ranked our program among the top three. In the most recent NRC ranking, our program appeared in first place, tied with another program. The department’s traditional strengths are in European and Asian Art, but in the past five years, we have expanded our coverage of the art of the Americas to include Pre-Columbian and Latin American, as well as the full range of modern and contemporary American art.

The department’s offices are located in Doe Library on the Berkeley campus, on the fourth floor of the finest humanities research library on the West Coast. We are situated in close proximity to both the department’s Visual Resources Center, which curates a substantial and growing body of digital images, and to the Art History/Classics Library. Many of the History of Art graduate seminars are held in the Jean Bony Seminar Room of this non-circulating library. Some further examples of the Berkeley program’s special resources are the annual Judith K. Stronach Travel Seminar, the annual Mary C. Stoddard Lecture in the History of Art, and the Curatorial Preparedness Initiative (funded over six years from the Mellon Foundation for a total of $1,250,000).

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Visual Resources Center

The Visual Resources Center (VRC) supports the History of Art department in the areas of digital teaching, image research, and audio visual support. The VRC builds and maintains a collection images for instructional and research purposes. The collection encompasses images of art and architecture of the world ranging from prehistory to contemporary art. The VRC adds approximately 5,000 images per year to the collection, based largely on faculty requests. Our facility is located in 307 Doe Library, situated within the Art History/Classics Library on the third floor of Doe Library. For further information, see the History of Art Department website.

Other Department Resources

Art History/Classics Library, located on the fourth floor of Doe Library
Berkeley Art Museum
Phoebe A. Hearst Museum

Undergraduate Programs

History of Art: BA, Minor

Graduate Program

History of Art: PhD

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Art History

Faculty and Instructors

+ Indicates this faculty member is the recipient of the Distinguished Teaching Award.


Diliana Angelova, Assistant Professor. Gender, early Christian art, Byzantine art, late antique art, the Virgin Mary, early Christian empresses, imperial iconography, power and material culture, the empress Helena, the relic of the True Cross, urban development of Constantinople, textiles, ivories, mythology in Byzantine art, myth and genre in Archaic and Classical Greek art, romantic love in ancient and medieval art.
Research Profile

Patricia Berger, Professor. China, buddhist art, East Asian studies, history of art, Asian architecture and art.
Research Profile

Julia Q. Bryan-Wilson, Professor. Contemporary art, feminist theory, queer theory.
Research Profile

Whitney Davis, Professor. History of Art.
Research Profile

+ Darcy Grimaldo Grigsby, Professor.

Christopher Hallett, Professor. Classics, Roman art, visual culture, portraiture, Hellenistic art, Roman Asia Minor, Hellenistic and Roman Egypt.
Research Profile

Imogen Hart, Assistant Adjunct Professor.

Elizabeth A. Honig, Associate Professor. Painting, Rome, baroque, Renaissance, Antwerp, digital humanities, Brueghel, Rubens.
Research Profile

Lauren Kroiz, Associate Professor. History and theory of photography and new media, race and ethnic studies, the relationships between regionalism, nationalism and globalism.
Research Profile

Henrike Lange, Assistant Professor. Medieval art.

Anneka Lenssen, Assistant Professor. Global modern art.

Gregory Levine, Associate Professor. East Asian studies, history of art, Japanese art and architecture, histories of collecting, history of museums, Buddhist art and architecture, Buddhist visual culture.
Research Profile

Margaretta M. Lovell, Professor. Architecture, design, American art.
Research Profile

Sabrina Sonia Maras, Assistant Adjunct Professor.

Todd Olson, Professor. Early modern art.
Research Profile

Sugata Ray, Assistant Professor. Early modern, visual culture, Hinduism, Islam, architecture, Urban cultures, environmental studies, ecology, aesthetics, globalization, postcolonial studies, colonialism, museums, historiography, art history, India, South Asia.
Research Profile

+ Andrew F. Stewart, Professor Emeritus. Archaeology, classics, Greek sculpture, ancient art and architecture, the Hellenistic east after Alexander, the Renaissance reception of antiquity.
Research Profile

Lisa Trever, Assistant Professor. Pre-Columbian Art History, Latin American Art History, archaeology, visual studies, historiography, Illustration.
Research Profile


Ivy Mills, Lecturer.

Catherine Mary Telfair, Lecturer.

Emeritus Faculty

+ Svetlana Alpers, Professor Emeritus.

Timothy J. Clark, Professor Emeritus.

Jacques De Caso, Professor Emeritus. History of European art of the XVIIIIth and XIXth centuries.
Research Profile

Loren Partridge, Professor Emeritus. Urbanism, architecture, Italian Renaissance painting, sculpture, Rome, Florence, Venice, Italian courts, churches, palaces, villas, fresco decoration.
Research Profile

Peter Selz, Professor Emeritus.

Anne Wagner, Professor Emeritus.

David H. Wright, Professor Emeritus. Art from Augustus to Charlemagne, palaeography and codicology, late Roman numismatics.
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Contact Information

Department of History of Art

406 Doe Library #6020

Phone: 510-643-7290

Fax: 510-643-2185

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Department Chair

Greg Levine

Department Manager

Faith Enemark

417 Doe Library

Phone: 510-643-6289

Undergraduate Student Services Advisor

Amy Tamayo

416 Doe Library

Phone: 510-643-7290

Graduate Student Services Advisor

416 Doe Library

Phone: 510-642-5510

Head Graduate Advisor

Sugata Ray

421A Doe Library

Phone: 510-643-7190

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