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UC Berkeley’s Department of History is one of the top-ranked history departments in the nation. Our faculty’s research covers almost the entirety of recorded history and spans most of the globe. Across the world, the department is known for its expertise in cultural history, but our faculty also specialize in political history, the history of science, economic history, religious history, the history of sexuality, intellectual history, urban history, imperial and world history, and many other fields. Members of this department have won the most prestigious teaching and research awards our profession has to offer. We have a well-deserved reputation on campus not only for the quality of our courses but for the quality of our major. The department’s alumni have gone on to a variety of successful careers in research, education, law, business, public affairs, and other professions.

We live in a world shaped by history. We cannot understand the world or hope to improve it without serious attention to the historical processes that created it. So welcome to the Department of History at Berkeley: education for the world.

Undergraduate Programs

History: BA, Minor

Graduate Program

History: PhD

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Faculty and Instructors

+ Indicates this faculty member is the recipient of the Distinguished Teaching Award.


Stephan H. Astourian, Associate Adjunct Professor. Armenia, Caucasus, Azerbaijan, Modern Turkey, Diasporas.
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Janaki Bakhle, Associate Professor.

Andrew E. Barshay, Professor. Social thought, modernism, social sciences in modern Japan, marxism, Japanese history, Japanese-Russian relations.
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Mark Brilliant, Associate Professor. 20th century US history, with a focus on political economy, civil rights, education, law, and the west.
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Cathryn Carson, Professor. History of physics, science and society, history of universities, German history, intellectual history, ethnography, data science, nuclear waste.
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Margaret Chowning, Professor. Mexico, history, gender, women, Latin America.
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John Connelly, Professor.

Thomas Dandelet, Professor. Renaissance Italy and Europe, Spanish Empire, early modern Mediterranean.
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Brian Delay, Associate Professor. US, the Americas, International History, nineteenth century, Native American history, American West, Borderlands.
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Nicholas Dirks, Professor. History and anthropology of South Asia, social and cultural theory, history of imperialism, historiography, cultural studies, globalization.
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Sandra Eder, Assistant Professor. Gender, sexuality, medicine, science, US History 20th century, popular culture.
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John M. Efron, Professor. Cultural and social history of German Jewry.
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+ Robin L. Einhorn, Professor. Taxation, United States political history, urban history, nineteenth century.
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Susanna Elm, Professor. History of the Later Roman Empire, pagan - Christian interactions, ancient medicine, slavery and the evolution of Christianity, leadership and empire, reception of antiquity.
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Victoria Frede-Montemayor, Associate Professor. Enlightenment, Russian intellectual history, sentimentalism, eighteenth and nineteenth century, anti-religious thought, romanticism, history of friendship.
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Bruce Hall, Associate Professor.

David Henkin, Professor. History, US History, urban history, cultural history, History of Time.
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Rebecca Herman, Assistant Professor.

Carla Hesse, Professor. France, modern Europe, history of women.
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Stefan-Ludwig Hoffmann, Associate Professor. Modern German and European History, Conceptual History, Transnational History, urban studies.
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Stephanie E. Jones-Rogers, Assistant Professor.
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Abhishek Kaicker, Assistant Professor. South Asia, Mughal, early modern, cities, history, Persian.
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Tabitha Kanogo, Professor. Colonialism, nationalism, women and gender, childhood and youth.
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Geoffrey Koziol, Professor. Medieval history, History of Medieval Christianity, Medieval Political Institutions.
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Thomas W. Laqueur, Professor. Medicine, religion, body, human rights.
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Emily Mackil, Associate Professor.
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Waldo E. Martin, Professor. African American History , Modern American Culture.
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Maria Mavroudi, Professor. Byzantine studies.
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Massimo Mazzotti, Professor. History of science, History of Mathematics, social theory, science and society, STS.
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Rebecca McLennan, Associate Professor. North America: 1763-present, law and society, crime and punishment, prisons, society and culture, capitalism, global foodways.
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Maureen Miller, Professor. Medieval history.
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+ Carlos F. Norena, Associate Professor. Roman history.
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Michael Nylan, Professor. Gender, history, East Asian studies, early China, the fifth century BC to the fifth century AD, with an emphasis on the sociopolitical context, aesthetic theories and material culture, belief.
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Vanessa Ogle, Associate Professor.

Dylan Penningroth, Professor.

Mark A. Peterson, Professor. US/North America, Atlantic World, early modern history, religion, political economy.
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Christine Philliou, Associate Professor.

Isabel Richter, Assistant Adjunct Professor.

Caitlin C. Rosenthal, Assistant Professor. American history, capitalism, economic history, slavery.
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Peter Sahlins, Professor. Early modern France, animal-human relations, immigration, citizenship and nationality in pre-modern Europe.
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Daniel Sargent, Associate Professor. American history, International History, Contemporary History.
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Elena A. Schneider, Assistant Professor. Cuba and the Caribbean, colonial Latin America, The Atlantic World, 1400-1888.

+ Ethan H. Shagan, Professor. British history, early modern European history, history of religion.
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Jonathan Sheehan, Professor. Religion, Christianity, Europe, secularism, Secularization.
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Yuri Slezkine, Professor. Russia, Late Modern Europe.
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Nicolas Tackett, Associate Professor. Ethnicity, elites, China, cities, national identity, social networks, medieval history, death ritual, Tang Dynasty, Song Dynasty, Liao Dynasty.
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James Vernon, Professor. Britain, its Empire and World, 1750 to present.
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Wen-Hsin Yeh, Professor. History, East Asian studies, Qing and Modern China.
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Peter B. Zinoman, Professor. Vietnam, Vietnam War, Vietnamese literature, Southeast Asian history, communism, nationalism, colonialism.
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Diliana Angelova, Associate Professor. Gender, early Christian art, Byzantine art, late antique art, the Virgin Mary, early Christian empresses, imperial iconography, power and material culture, the empress Helena, the relic of the True Cross, urban development of Constantinople, textiles, ivories, mythology in Byzantine art, myth and genre in Archaic and Classical Greek art, romantic love in ancient and medieval art.
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Rodolfo J. Alaniz, Lecturer.

David S. Boyk, Lecturer.

Robert N. Chester, Lecturer.

Michael Dean, Lecturer.

Nils Gilman, Lecturer.

Robert L. Harkins, Lecturer.

Tyler C. Lange, Lecturer.

Andrej Milivojevic, Lecturer.

Sarah Selvidge, Lecturer.

Christopher W. Shaw, Lecturer.

Lynsay Skiba, Lecturer.

Stacey Van Vleet, Lecturer.

David Wetzel, Lecturer.

Gene Zubovich, Lecturer.

Emeritus Faculty

Richard M. Abrams, Professor Emeritus. Politics, recent US history: business foreign relations, etc.
Research Profile

Anthony Adamthwaite, Professor Emeritus.

Margaret Lavinia Anderson, Professor Emeritus. Germany 1860-1945, Kulturkampf, the Center Party (Zentrum), 19th century European Catholicism, the 19th century European Religious Revival, Democratisation more generally and comparatively, comparative elections and electoral politics, European (and esp. German) Relations with the late Ottoman Empire, Armenian Genocide.
Research Profile

Robert M. Berdahl, Professor Emeritus.

Mary Elizabeth Berry, Professor Emeritus. Late medieval and early modern Japan.
Research Profile

Thomas A. Brady, Professor Emeritus.

Richard Candida Smith, Professor Emeritus. Identity, memory, narrative, 19th and 20th century US cultural and intellectual history, cultural interaction and exchange with France and Latin America, oral history and personal testimony as historical sources.
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Jan De Vries, Professor Emeritus. Economics, demography, history.
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Paula S. Fass, Professor Emeritus. History of childhood, social and cultural history of the United States, immigration and ethnicity, history of education, child abduction.
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+ Erich S. Gruen, Professor Emeritus. Classics, Greek and Roman history, Jews in the Greco-Roman world.
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Samuel Haber, Professor Emeritus.

John L. Heilbron, Professor Emeritus. History of the physical sciences, biography.
Research Profile

Richard Herr, Professor Emeritus.

David Hollinger, Professor Emeritus. US history.
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Eugene F. Irschick, Professor Emeritus.

David G. Johnson, Professor Emeritus. History, East Asian studies, city-god cults of T'ang and Sung China, ritual and sculpture in Chinese religion.
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Kerwin L. Klein, Professor Emeritus.

Ira M. Lapidus, Professor Emeritus.

John Lesch, Professor Emeritus.

Linda Lewin, Professor Emeritus. Race, social history of 19th andamp,amp, 20th century Brazil--family andamp,amp, kinship, illegitimacy andamp,amp, inheritance rights, banditry (emergence of cangaco), slavery, andamp,amp, color, oral poetic tradition in NE region (repentistas, desafio), cotton production in 19th-century NE Brazil.
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+ Leon F. Litwack, Professor Emeritus.

Thomas R. Metcalf, Professor Emeritus.

+ Robert L. Middlekauff, Professor Emeritus.

Sheldon Rothblatt, Professor Emeritus.

Mary P. Ryan, Professor Emeritus.

Irwin Scheiner, Professor Emeritus.

Charles G. Sellers, Professor Emeritus.

John M. Smith, Professor Emeritus.

Randolph R. Starn, Professor Emeritus.

William B. Taylor, Professor Emeritus.

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