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The research and curriculum of the Department of Nutritional Sciences and Toxicology address the experimental biology of nutrients, phytochemicals, and diet-borne toxicants; using the techniques of modern biology and chemical analyses to understand the relationships among diet, the metabolic genome, and optimal health/chronic disease. Our goals are to determine the molecular mechanisms of diet's effects on health and the contribution of individual genotype to dietary responses and disease risk. This approach of metabolic biology will provide detailed insight into the impact of diet on human health and chronic disease risk. We seek to translate lab and model systems data to human physiology and to provide outreach through cooperative extension.

Undergraduate Program

Nutrional Sciences: Physiology and Metabolism Major

Nutrional Sciences Minor

Nutritional Sciences: Toxicology Major, Minor

Nutritional Sciences: Dietetics Major

Graduate Program

The department does not offer graduate degrees; however, the following related graduate degrees are administered by graduate groups affiliated with the department:

Metabolic Biology MS, PhD

Molecular Toxicology PhD

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Nutritional Sciences and Toxicology

Faculty and Instructors


Gregory W. Aponte, Professor. Health and nutrition, nutritional sciences, signaling between the gut and the brain, neuropeptides, G-protein coupled receptors.
Research Profile

Danica Chen, Associate Professor. Aging, stem cell, diseases of aging.
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Marc Hellerstein, Professor. Plant biology, health and nutrition.
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Dale E. Johnson, Adjunct Professor.

Sona Kang, Assistant Professor. Epigenetics, chromatin remodeling, gene expression, diabetes, metabolic diseases .
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Ronald M. Krauss, Adjunct Professor. Lipid metabolism, diet, genetics.
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Isao Kubo, Professor. Agriculture, insect biology, pest management.
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Dale Leitman, Adjunct Professor.

Anders Naar, Professor. Gene expression, microRNAs, Mammalian Cell Metabolism, Metabolic Diseases, obesity, Type 2 diabetes, NAFLD/NASH, cancer therapies .
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Joseph L. Napoli, Professor. Metabolism, nutritional biochemistry, fat-soluble vitamins, retinoids, retinoic acid, retinol, vitamin A, vitamin D, analytical biochemistry.
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Daniel K. Nomura, Associate Professor. Chemical biology, metabolism, toxicology, cancer.
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James Olzmann, Assistant Professor. Cell biology, organelle biogenesis, lipid droplet regulation, lipotoxicity, lipid storage, cell death, protein quality control, systems biology, metabolic disease, cancer .
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Robert Ryan, Adjunct Professor.

Andreas Stahl, Associate Professor. Metabolism, obesity, adipose tissue, brown fat, thermogenesis, tissue engineering, diabetes, fatty acid transport, fatty acid, stem cells.
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Hei Sook Sul, Professor. Plant biology, health and nutrition, nutritional sciences and toxicology.
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Jen-Chywan (Wally) Wang, Associate Professor. Steroid hormones, glucocorticoids, molecular physiology, Metabolic Diseases.
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Mary Henderson, Lecturer.

Mikelle McCoin, Lecturer.

Kristen Rasmussen, Lecturer.

Emeritus Faculty

Nancy Amy, Professor Emeritus. Nutritional science and toxicology, nutrition, cell metabolism, trace elements.
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Leonard F. Bjeldanes, Professor Emeritus. Nutritional science and toxicology, diet and cancer, metabolic regulation.
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Kenneth J. Carpenter, Professor Emeritus.

George W. Chang, Professor Emeritus. Microbial biology, health and nutrition, food safety.
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Ben De Lumen, Professor Emeritus. Cancer prevention, academic enterpreneurship.
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Sharon E. Fleming, Professor Emeritus. Plant biology, health and nutrition.
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Janet King, Professor Emeritus.

Angela C. Little, Professor Emeritus.

Susan M. Oace, Professor Emeritus.

Barry Shane, Professor Emeritus. Plant biology, health and nutrition, nutritional sciences and toxicology.
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Fernando E. Viteri, Professor Emeritus. Plant biology, health and nutrition, nutritional sciences and toxicology.
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Mary Ann Williams, Professor Emeritus.

Contact Information

Department of Nutritional Sciences and Toxicology

119 Morgan Hall

Phone: 510-642-6490

Fax: 510-642-0535

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Department Chair

Hei Sook Sul

219 Morgan Hall

Phone: 510-642-3978

Graduate Student Affairs Officer

Majabeen Samadi

115 Morgan Hall

Phone: 510-643-2863

Undergraduate Advisor

Meaghan DeRespini

260 Mulford Hall

Phone: 510-642-2879

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