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The Department of Anthropology offers students the opportunity to study what it means to be human from the broadest historical and geographical perspective. Courses in the department offer knowledge of social and cultural aspects of behavior as well as the biological nature of humans. Lower division courses are intended to give a general understanding of human evolution, prehistory, and the nature of human cultures. Upper division courses elaborate particular themes in contemporary issues such as media and communication, migration and demographics, science and technology, health, human-environmental dynamics, decolonization and indigenization, race and gender, disability, inequality, violence and social control, poverty and rights, and political and economic development. 

Anthropology is a unique social science, bridging a range of knowledge from the biological and physical sciences to the humanities. Our curriculum equips students to be critical and engaged citizens who want to make a difference in the world. Anthropology provides students with the intellectual and practical skills they need to work in the contemporary and increasingly inter-connected world through courses that emphasize thoughtful exploration, discussion, writing, and lab skills. A background in anthropology can aid students to prepare in various careers such as government, science/technology, public health/medicine, or education, or provide the foundation for further graduate studies. 

Students seeking information on the Undergraduate Program may contact Frances Bright at Students seeking information on the Graduate Program may contact Tabea Mastel at

Undergraduate Program

Anthropology: BA, Minor

Graduate Programs

Anthropology: PhD, with specializations in archaeology, biological anthropology, and sociocultural anthropology
Medical Anthropology: Joint PhD (in cooperation with UCSF)

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Contact Information

Department of Anthropology

232 Anthropology and Art Practice Building

Phone: 510-642-3392

Fax: 510-643-8557

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Department Chair

Sabrina Agarwal

232 Anthropology & Art Practice Bldg

Undergraduate Student Affairs Officer

Frances Bright

215 Anthropology & Art Practice Bldg

Phone: 510-642-3616

Graduate Student Affairs Officier

Tabea Mastel

213 Anthropology & Art Practice Bldg

Phone: 510-642-3406

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