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The Graduate Group in Performance Studies at UC Berkeley provides an interdisciplinary and individually crafted curriculum directed at advanced studies in the literatures, performances, cultural contexts, and theories of performance throughout the world. Based in the Department of Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies, the PhD program in Performance Studies takes advantage of Berkeley’s distinguished history in the field of drama and theater studies and opens out to a wider interrogation of the disciplines and methodologies of performance studies. The program is administered by the Graduate Group in Performance Studies, composed of faculty from a wide range of related departments. Students in the Performance Studies PhD program conduct research in a diverse array of interdisciplinary methodologies, on projects spanning the fields of theater, dance, and performance studies.

Undergraduate Program

The group does not offer an undergraduate program in Performance Studies. However, the Department of Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies offers a major and minor in Dance and Perfomance Studies and Theater and Performance Studies.

Graduate Program

Performance Studies: PhD

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Performance Studies

Faculty and Instructors


Brandi Wilkins Catanese, Associate Professor. African American drama and theater.

Abigail T. De Kosnik, Associate Professor. New media, performance studies, performance theory, performance, media studies, fan studies, digital culture, social networks, film, television, social media, Internet culture, digital humanities.
Research Profile

Julia Fawcett, Associate Professor. Performance studies, theater history .

Peter Glazer, Associate Professor. Stage directing, 20th-century drama.

Joe Goode, Professor. Dance, choreography.

Philip Kan Gotanda, Professor. Playwriting, Asian American theater, contemporary American drama.

Mark Griffith, Professor. Classical Greek drama.

Shannon Jackson, Professor. Rhetoric, performance studies, American studies, 20th century art movements and critical theory, local culture and intercultural citizenship in turn-of-the-century United States, history and theory of theatre and performance art.

Sansan Kwan, Associate Professor. Dance studies, performance studies, Asian American studies.
Research Profile

Angela Marino, Associate Professor. Theatre and performance studies, Latin American and US Chicana/Latino performance, festivals and carnival, political cultures.
Research Profile

Alan Read, Professor. UC Berkeley Global Edge Program.

Shannon Steen, Associate Professor.

Lisa Wymore, Associate Professor. Modern dance technique, choreography.


Sima Belmar, Lecturer. Dance in popular film and television, US dance-theater, somatic theory and practice, performance and phenomenology, and embodied identity politics.

Jack Carpenter, Lecturer. Lighting Design.

Katie Faulkner, Lecturer. Dance, choreography.

Srijani Ghosh, Lecturer. Dance.

James Graham, Lecturer. Dance, choreography.

Margo Hall-Callender, Lecturer. Acting, directing.

Christopher Herold, Lecturer. Acting, directing.

Jessica Hirigoyen, Lecturer. Voice and dialect.

Jenefer Johnson, Lecturer. Dance history.

Laxmi Kumaran, Lecturer. Stage management.

Domenique Lozano, Lecturer. Intermediate acting.

Maureen Mo Miner, Lecturer. Dance.

Michael Moran, Lecturer. Acting.

Lisa Porter, Lecturer. Acting, public speaking.

Sean San Jose, Lecturer. Acting.

Carol Ann Annie Smart, Lecturer. Set, costume design.

Lindsey Michelle Summers, Lecturer. Dance.

Amara Tabor-Smith, Lecturer. Dance.

Maura Tang, Lecturer. Acting.

Latanya Tigner, Lecturer. Contemporary African dance.

Emeritus Faculty

Martin Berman, Senior Lecturer Emeritus.

Lura Dolas, Senior Lecturer Emerita. Acting.

Robert Goldsby, Professor Emeritus.

Carol Murota, Senior Lecturer Emerita.

Dunbar Ogden, Professor Emeritus.

Debora Sussel, Senior Lecturer Emerita.

John Warren Travis, Professor Emeritus.

Margaret Wilkerson, Professor Emerita.

Marni Wood, Professor Emerita.

Contact Information

Graduate Group in Performance Studies

15A Dwinelle Hall

Phone: 510-664-7613

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Graduate Student Services Adviser

Robin Davidson

15A Dwinelle Hall

Phone: 510-664-7613

Head Graduate Adviser

SanSan Kwan, PhD

15F Dwinelle Hall

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